As the Alamocita Creek meanders through the high-plains, Cattle-Country of northeastern New Mexico, it pauses at DeHaven Ranch before plunging into a rugged canyon heading to the Canadian River, further south.

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DeHaven Ranch has become a preserve for wildlife; a conservation zone for native vegetation; a respite for open-spaces-lovers; a serene site for artists and writers; and, a meeting place for family or group gatherings.

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Learn about visiting the ranch.

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Riparian Restoration

“How can you help preserve a “preserve?” is a question you can help answer.

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Five generations of family have brought this working cattle-ranch, unique landscape and haven for unique plant- and wild-life into the 21st century.  Now, this family wants to share with you the unique opportunity to experience what we enjoy and are working actively to preserve as a timeless place for future generations.

We welcome your inquires of how to spend a few days (and nights) counting the stars, watching the birds, walking the creek, writing your poetry, relaxing your soul, recharging your spirit, covering your canvas, communing with nature, reuniting with family or any of the myriad of activities (or lack of activity) that will satisfy your appetite for adventure or just plain peace and quiet.

Contact us and learn how easy it is to arrange a day or a week in a remote corner of New Mexico, in a modern yet historic setting, while the rest of the world keeps on spinning by…

See you soon?